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On our quest to become the image and likeness of God, we ask the question, "Will everything work out?". What you do for Christ will last. Our cornerstone scripture is Jeremiah 29:11. In times you will feel lost, remember that His plan is good. The Father gave us everything when He gave us Jesus. 

If you need prayer, we can stand and agree with you in faith. He is just a prayer away. Love transcend all milage and lightyears. When there are two or three, He is in the mist, so let's plan the future you deserve with Christ at the cornerstone here at True Destiny Ministry Church.

We welcome you to our page. We are here to serve and push you the next level. Having your destiny intertwine with His will is our focus and desire. 


Pastors Dwight & Joyce Dawson

True Destiny Ministry Church​

Senior Pastor Joyce Dawson


(Women On Fire President) 

Senior Pastor Dwight Dawson


(Men Of Faith President)

Minister Wayman Lane

(Men Of Faith Cabinet)

Evangelist Sylvia Lane 

(Women On Fire Treasurer)

(Feed The Houseless Outreach Director)

Minister Dr. Vera Stevens

Hospitality Director

Women's Ministry Director

Minister Kevins Stevens


Minister Cierra Floyd



True Leadership Is Humble! 

As we draw near to the year of our Lord, we are persuaded that He is true to His Word. We are proud of the growth, the new delegates and staff that make this vision possible.  TGBTG

You Must Keep The Faith! 

Life will have ups and downs, but you must be consistent. You must keep the faith. He won't ever leave you or forsake you. 

Senior Pastor Dwight Dawson 

Is Anything To Hard For Go​d?

"It happens for you according to God's timing. It will be your season because he is an On time God. He is never late to his promises."

Minister Wayman Lane 

Preparedness Comes Before The Blessing! 

God will prepare you for the coming promotion or calamity. He is true to His word. WE must be teachable to be in readiness and preparedness to become the manifestation of His Goodness on the earth. 

Dr. Apostle Alan Dawson & Dr. Prophetess Rennee Dawson

(Jesus People Living Word Church, Jacksonville, FL) 

"It's A Family"

"Every since I started coming to True Destiny Ministry Church, I've been better. Some days it gets hard, but knowing I have a family to call and get the love I needed made all the difference"

-Sister Christie Thornton

Loyalty Means Everything

Being true to yourself means a lot more when you know everything will work out for my good it's my True Destiny. I find myself believing in myself and the God I serve. 

-Psalmist Keisha Renae


"When I think of all that the Lord has done, I can't help but reverence his LOVE & POWER! 

Senior Pastor Joyce Dawson 

It is a daily task to keep this MIND in Christ Jesus when there are so many doors of distractions and many corridors of rejection, but we hold onto the LOVE he shared. If someone gave their life for you, would you honor them? Would you devote you life to them and their vision.?

The HEART can heal. Let us remove the scar tissue that robs your joy. It is His will that every need be supplied. Our reward is in Christ Jesus and we patiently await His return.  We will work while its day, for when night comes no man can work. What greater works we will do. 

“He taught us to take care of the Orphan. He showed us to love on the Widow & feed the Houseless”.

-Senior Pastor Joyce Dawson

“We counter loneliness by giving. Sometimes a sandwich & a hug is just what people need to get by.”

-Evangelist Sylvia Lane - Feed The Houseless Outreach Director

"Making the main thing, the main thing and that's souls for Christ Kingdom."

-Senior Pastor Joyce Dawson 

"How much more, then, will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death, so that we may serve the living God!"

Our Mission

To build the Word of God in the people and build people in the Word of God.

Train the people of God on how to apply the Word in their daily lives.

To empower them to be problems solvers in their neighborhoods.

Through the teaching and training process, the members will be activated in the five fold ministry gifts and offices and to be strengthened and empowered to do the work of the ministry.


Usher, Kingdom Kidz, Media Ministry, Hospitality Ministry, Hostess Ministry, 

Music Ministry, Youth Ministry

Women's Ministry (​Women on Fire)

Men's Ministry (Men of Faith)

Houseless Ministry (Feeding the Homeless)

Nursing Home Ministry, Dance Ministry

Our Vision

Our Vision is to encourage, uplift and propel you to your True Destiny. It's our vision to introduce the love of Christ to all people and to let you know he can build and restore lives. He will 



"Life In The Word" Bible Study Tune In Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday at 7:30pm we dig in God's word and ask amazing questions. Join us and absorb wisdom and knowledge from our Leadership.

Partner With Us!

Every dollar counts. We are grateful for your contribution and support as we continue to change our communities and excel in productivity. Thank you!

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