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Men Of Faith Vision Statement

"Our vision is for men to walk with God and grow in their faith. To help them learn how to put their trust in God by teaching them the importance of God’s love.

We at TDMC will help encourage each man to show and reflect the character and person of Jesus The Christ through studying of his word and the building of relationships that will provide personal accountability as well as opportunities for service in the home, church and community.

Jesus will want his disciples to reach men and build them into a community of Christian disciples who through the Holy Spirit will allow the attitude of Christ to be reflected in all areas of their lives. "

Pastor Dwight Dawson

-Men Of Faith President

Welcome To Men Of Faith Portal

"Men Of Faith" is the door that leads to self wealth and assurance in Brotherhood. We acknowledge God's power and voice as it resound in the Man. We are a new creature in Christ and we share those strong values. We strive to give to our community with such events as "Men of Faith Prayer Breakfast" where we introduce our little men encouragement that has been lost for a generation. We impact the hearts of many Men and Young Men and feed them spiritual and physical nourishment. This is our charge, to Become the Sons Of God!

"Excuses Are A Poorish Thing To A Failure" 

-Pastor Dwight Dawson

We are strong! We are Wise! We are Accountable! Partner with us and we will make the difference. It starts with a Man Being The Father. A Man Being The Son! We can help build the endurance to become the Man Of Faith you know you can be. 

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